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If you want to get the best performance possible out of your Lexus, you need to make sure that your tires are in excellent shape. By doing so, you will ensure that your vehicle is optimized for acceleration, braking, handling, fuel economy, and safety.

So, how do you know when it's time to have your tires inspected? Here are two helpful tips you can try right now at home before you decide to come into Lexus of Wayzata to have service performed. 

  • Inspect the treading on all of your tires, including the spare. One of the most common assessments that you can perform is "The Penny Test." Take a copper penny and insert it with Abe Lincoln's head facing down. If the tire is covering Honest Abe's head, your tread depth is in good shape. If the top of his head is exposed, your tires are worn and need replacement.
  • Make sure that your tires are properly inflated by regularly checking the air pressure with a gauge. If you don't have one at home, there are plenty of gas stations that offer an air pump & gauge at a minimal cost. Read your vehicle's manual to discover what the proper PSI level should be and make sure your tires are within the specified range.

If the treading on your tires is too shallow or you keep finding that you have to fill your tires with air due to a leak, it is time to schedule a service appointment at Lexus of Wayzata. Our team will inspect all of your tires and make a recommendation as to whether or not your tires need to be fixed or replaced.

Lexus Tire Rotation

Even if your tires are in good shape, it is important to rotate them to a different position every 5,000 to 8,000 miles or every six months (whichever comes first). At Lexus of Wayzata, our team of certified experts will re-position your wheels and tires on the vehicle. This practice will prolong the life of your tires and result in even tire wear throughout.

Lexus Wheel Alignment

If your tires are in good working condition, it is still important to make sure that your wheels are appropriately aligned. Over time, the wheels on your vehicle will naturally shift, and you might have experienced this if you ever felt your vehicle start pulling to one side over the other. When you feel that sensation, it is time to schedule a wheel alignment to keep all four tires positioned at the same angle for a straight, accurate drive.

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