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Charlie Swanson
(952) 476-6111

Matt Meyer
General Manager
(952) 404-5103

Debbie Bryant
(952) 737-4024

Stacy Kritsas
Master Certified* New Vehicle Sales Manager
(952) 746-6926

Additional Languages: Greek & Spanish

Bill Janssen
Master Certified* Pre-Owned Sales Manager
(952) 404-5123

Becky Stenson
Financial Services Director
(952) 737-4014

Personal Bio: 

"I grew up on a farm in small-town Starbuck, MN where I graduated from high school. I attended the University of Morris for a year before moving to Tacoma, WA. From there I moved to Alaska, Massachusetts, and then back to Minnesota to be close by family again. I have been blessed with one son and a daughter-in-law who are very talented artists. I love to fish, paint, mow my lawn, and whatever other manual labor I can find. I have been in the car business since 1991, but have been at Lexus since 2017. I enjoy helping customers with their financing, and love making the experience a joyful one!"

Joe Nathanson
Master Certified* New Vehicle Sales Manager
(952) 737-4021

Ron Anderson
HR Manager to Management

Nicole King
Office Manager
(952) 404-5129

Matt Saunders
Pre-Owned Sales Manager
(952) 404-5145

Bryant Peppin
New Vehicle Sales Manager
(952) 697-2300



Kristin Klein
Finance Manager
(952) 229-4315

Nik Holland
Finance Manager
(952) 404-5148

Smail Hodzic
(952) 229-4303

Joni Hanson
Finance Asst/Dealer Trade Paperwork
(952) 746-6921


New Vehicle Sales

Jake Blomquist
Master Certified* New Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5117

Ihab Elseweissy
New Car Sales Specialist
(952) 404-5118

Gerald Franti
Master Certified* New Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5132

Personal Bio: 

"Raised in a career military family, I had the life-enriching opportunity live abroad (England) and lived in multiple US states - Texas, Michigan, Ohio, & Wisconsin - before establishing residency in Burnsville, Minnesota.  My passion in the fine arts lead to BMEd and MM (performance) degrees and teaching music in Bloomington - continuing to expand my travel dossier to thirty-seven countries - prior to discovering the world of sales.  After forty years of marriage, kids, four dogs and surviving the roller coaster of seasonal ups and downs, I can finally consider my vagabond self an adopted Minnesotan.  Creative endeavors have always spurred my personal impetus with gardening, design, experimental cooking and fashioning my ubiquitous bow ties rising to the top.

I joined Lexus of Wayzata in 2012 as a Vehicle Delivery Specialist and transitioned to the New Car Sales & Leasing team within the first year.  I especially enjoy working with a diverse clientele and international colleagues at the store."

Bailey Gibbs
New Car Sales Specialist
(952) 746-6914

Bob Horwitz
Certified* New Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5121

Personal Bio:

"I grew up in Rochester, NY and Philadelphia. I headed west after high school and went to the University of Denver in Denver, Colorado. I moved to Minneapolis and began a career in retail with Dayton's. I've spent my career in retail and wholesale apparel, and had my own marketing company for 20 years working with high-end brands. I came to Lexus of Wayzata in early 2019 having never sold automobiles before, but wanting to bring my experience with high-end brands and consumer engagement to make the car-buying experience fun and enjoyable.

I have two daughters and three grandchildren. I live in Minnetonka, and am fortunate to have my family close by in Edina and South Minneapolis. I enjoy golf, biking, downhill skiing, music, and movies. I try to spend time with family cooking and entertaining."

Lisa McNulty
Certified* New Vehicle Sales

Jonathan Riches
Certified* New Vehicle Sales
(952) 746-6916

Ed Thompson
New Car Sales Specialist
(952) 404-5120

Val Udermann
Master Certified* New Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5133

Lindsey Conley
Customer Retention Manager

Personal Bio: 
I was born and raised in Michigan most of my life. That is where I met my husband while attending Ferris State University. We lived in Baton Rouge, LA for three years and that is where my Lexus journey began, in 2015. 
In 2016 my husband and I moved to Delano, MN to be near family and friends. My career at Lexus of Wayzata started in 2016 and has been every bit of amazing, with new opportunities, meeting great customers and working with dedicated and passionate people. 
We currently have a daughter and a black lab who we love getting outside with. The four of us enjoy being on the lake, taking road trips to Michigan, and spending time with our families. We enjoy golfing, are major foodies and love finding new places to explore. 

Jordan Bates
New Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5112

Chambrey Ly
New Car Sales Associates
(952) 404-5102

Nathan Rudeen
New Sales Associate
(952) 404-5126

Chris Markert
New Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5116

Jordan Hankins
New Vehicle Sales
(952) 737-4015


Technology Specialists

Eric Baumann
Master Certified* Lexus Delivery Coordinator
(952) 746-6912

Personal Bio: 

I'm the son of a Lutheran preacher. We spent the bulk of my youth in rural South Dakota and Nebraska, until finally settling in Onalaska, WI my freshman year of high school. Like many preacher's kids, I too was a class clown. I coasted into graduation day on fumes, which helped punch my ticket to Riverland Community College in Austin, MN. I finished my schooling at UW-Eau Claire, where I studied Broadcast Journalism. I enjoyed 13 years as an on-air radio personality at 105 Dot 5 The Buzz in La Crosse, Z100 in Eau Claire, 104.7 KCLD in St Cloud and KS95 and 93X here in the Twin Cities. My most memorable celebrity encounter? Once, backstage at a celebrity gala, NBC's Matt Lauer and I touched hands while reaching for the same banana nut muffin.  

Casey, our daughter Avery (15), sons Cade (13) and Phoenix (6) and I live in St. Michael. I cheer for the Green Bay Packers, any team playing the Vikings, Nebraska Cornhusker Football, the Timberwolves, the Brewers, the Twins (I'm bi-leagual) and my amateur baseball team, the St Michael Angels! My hobbies include agreeing with my wife, buying things at Goodwill for $1 and selling them on eBay (or wearing them), cheap domestic Wisconsin beer and Netflix.

Nathan Kilsdonk
Lexus Delivery & Technology Specialist
(952) 746-6917

Kurt Snuggerud
New Car Inventory/Lot Manager


Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

Ignacio Garrigos
Master Certified* Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5144

Additional Languages: Spanish

Personal Bio:

"My philosophy here at Lexus of Wayzata has always been to do my best and provide the best service to my guests. My background in Customer Service and Customer Relations have made me realize that you have to be approachable with your guests. It is all about the personal touch and the personal relationship when it comes to a business proposal. 
At Lexus, I always try to make the customer feel like a guest in my own home. 
Treat everyone in a professional manner with respect and courtesy. Good things will happen if you do that."

Russell Lawrentz
Master Certified* Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5110

John Maceachern
Master Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5147

Personal Bio: 

"I grew up in the "Motor City" (Detroit) involved in sports throughout high school. I moved to Minnesota in 1978  and entered into the Automotive industry shortly thereafter. 
Before joining the Lexus team,  I worked with the same company for 35 years. I have now been with Lexus of Wayzata for 2 years. In my off time, I enjoy a lot of activities; boating, fishing, my dogs and horses. Some of my other hobbies include; classic cars and trail rides."

Christian Nicklow
Certified* Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales

Personal Bio: 

I grew up in Edina, MN and graduated from Edina Highschool. I attended Normandale Community College in Bloomington, MN, and I  received my degree in Travel and Hospitality at Minneapolis Business College. I currently reside in Northeast Minneapolis with my beautiful wife and two gorgeous children (who thankfully get their looks from their mother). Before getting into the auto industry, I was in the restaurant business for 24 years. I worked for my father and his brother's restaurants; Nicklow's, Shorewood and Santorini. I thrive in customer service, my family taught me to value others. To treat everyone with respect, kindness and love. "The good thing about my family is that we treat you like family...and the bad thing is we treat you like family." Outside of work I enjoy biking with my dog Maverick, spending time with my family, volunteering at my church, trying new restaurants in the city and watching my favorite Minnesota sports teams. I came to Lexus in 2019, and would love to make you part of our family!

Dana Poppen
Certified* Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5124

Cal Ryan
Master Certified* Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
(952) 404-5139

Michael Shteyn
Master Certified* Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales
(952) 746-6915

Additional Languages: Russian



Son Huynh
Service Director
(952) 746-6928

Hien Pham
Service Consultant
(952) 697-2307

Conner Evans
(952) 746-6922

Tom Bennett
Senior Certified* Service Consultant
(952) 404-5138

Thomas Campbell
Service Consultant
(952) 404-5104

Chris Doyle
Master Certified* Service Consultant
(952) 404-5107

Doug Evans
Master Certified* Service Consultant
(952) 404-5109

Celeste Harris
Certified* Service Consultant
(952) 697-2313

Jonathan Jergenson
Service Consultant
(952) 404-5130

Robert Madson
Service Consultant
(952) 697-2308

Michael Peters
Certified* Service Consultant
(952) 404-5125

Rick Stack
Service Consultant
(952) 229-4305

Steve Geil
Lexus Diagnostics Specialist

Tia Campbell
Courtesy Vehicle Administrator
(952) 737-4012

Wyatt Kressin
Guest Services Concierge

Nicolo Boodhoo
Service Consultant Assistant

Maddy Mitka
Service Consultant
(952) 737-4013


Service BDC

Tamara Warner
Service BDC
(952) 404-5135

Valhalla Coutier
Service BDC
(952) 737-4011

Monica Johnson
Service BDC
(952) 697-2317

Jessi Sando
Service BDC
(952) 404-5141

Dani Sok
Service Receptionist
(952) 404-5105



Lee Suedbeck
Master Certified* Parts Manager
(952) 404-5115

Chris Balluf
Parts Counter

Paul Martin
Master Certified* Parts Specialist
(952) 404-5114

Mike Ptacek
Master Certified* Parts Specialist
(952) 404-5114

Chris Giving


*Master Certified, Senior Certified, and Certified are professional designations for Lexus Associates. 

 Please ask our Associates about their accomplishments.